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Mercury Landing Band

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MERCURY LANDING has been taking the form of UKULELIEN as of late. Check out for amazing new vids every week. Mercury Landing's rhythm section has also formed a new Phish tribute called Uncle Ebenezer ( that will be playing often.


10/17 - Ukulelien and Mercury Landing 11pm @ Oasis Cafe (New Paltz, NY) w/ the Nanobots
10/18 - Ukulelien and Mercury Landing 9:30pm @ Brickhouse Brewery (Patchogue, NY)
10/25 - Ukulelien CMJ SHOWCASE - 10:30pm @ the Bitter End (New York, NY) w/ Teddy Midnight and Chromatropic
11/8 - Uncle Ebenezer @ Edgar's (Manasquan, NJ)
11/15 - Uncle Ebenezer @ Drom (New York, NY) w/ The Reckoning (Grateful Dead), and Tractorbear (Disco Biscuits)
11/21 - Uncle Ebenezer @ Brickhouse Brewery (Patchogue, NY)

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